1oz. pours of four tequilas

Blanco Flight: Avion, Blue Nectar, Campeon, Corzo  24
Reposado Flight: Avion, Casamigos, Don Julio, Maestro Dobel  29
Añejo Flight: Don Julio, Patron, Ayate, Casa Noble  38
Mezcal Flight: Del Maguey Vida, Illegal Reposado, Vago Espadin, Montelobos  26

*Keep your shot glasses! $7 each or $25 for all four

Freshly distilled Blue Weber Agave

Avion  citrus, vanilla, black pepper  12
Blue Nectar  lime, grapefruit peel  12
Campeon  crisp, light, white pepper  12
Cantero Negro citrus, earthy  17
Casa Dragones  pepper, chocolate, caramel  21
Casa Noble  clean honey, smooth finish  12
Casamigos  sweet vanilla, mint  13
Cazadores  spicy aroma, mint, dill  7
Corralejo  medium body, ripe fruit   7
Corzo citrus, vanilla  11
Cruz del Sol  white pepper, citrus, vanilla  12
El Mayor  crisp, light, pepper  8
El Jimador  grapefruit, lemon, white pepper  6
Espolon  pine and tropical fruit  7
Milagro  smooth, clean, citrus  8
Olmeca Altos Plato  roasted agave, orange zest  6
Riazul  tropical fruit, chocolate, baking spice  8
Talero  100% organic, crisp and clean  12

Tequila that has been aged in oak from two months to one year.
Oak aging rounds and softens the tequila.

1800  cilantro, peppery  8
Avion  crisp and caramel  14
Casamigos  smoky, caramel, buttery  16
Cazadores  rich buttery aroma and flavor   7
Corralejo  lemon, honey, and peppercorn   9
Don Julio cooked citrus and pepper  16
El Mayor aged nine months white oak barrels   9
El Tesoro mellow and rich with subtle wood tones  13
Espolon rich agave with smooth wood profiles  7
Hornitos rich herbal and apple   7
Maestro Dobel strawberry, ginger, butterscotch  12
Milagro herbal, citrus, and wood  8
Olmeca Altos sweet, citrus flavor, vanilla and wood   7
Partida sea salt, pepper and oak  11

Tequila that has been aged from one to three years in oak.
Additional aging gives it a darker color, a richer, and smoother taste.

Ayate  caramel, butterscotch, dried fruit   25
Casa Noble  chocolate, spice notes  16
Clase Azul  cinnamon, apple, almond notes  28
Don Julio 1942  vanilla and nut profiles  37
Don Julio  wood with hints of vanilla  18
Herradura  smokey, hints of grilled pineapple  14
Patron  rich, almond and butter 17

Tequila that has been aged longer than three years.
A rich deep whiskey shade and the smoothest tequila to drink.

Cantera Negra rich vanilla, caramel  27
Cuervo Reserva  rich oak, toasted almonds  42
Don Julio Real caramel and vanilla  48
Espolon XX6 Anos rich oak, and cinnamon  40
Herradura Seleccion  wood, butterscotch  67


Agave hearts roasted in an earthern fire pit

Casamigos  light and smoky  18
Del Maguey Tobala  sweet, fruit, mango notes  35
Del Maguey Vida  sweet and smoky, orange peel  12
Illegal Reposado smoky, roasted red pepper  14
Montelobos  rich, smoky, vanilla  11
Vago Elote  wood tones, tropical fruit, smoky  18
Vago Ensamble charred cinnamon, chestnut finish  22
Vago Espadin   butterscotch, hint of jalapeño  16
Wahaka Joven  smoky, citrus, pepper  11